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Fissure Unisex Cowl is inspired by the lines and cracks on the rocks in Torridon, the colours of thsi one is inspired by the same formation in ice. It's knitted in a super soft lambswool spun in Scotland. A beautiful dark teal with a light teal pattern running through. This unisex cowl is doubled over, making it really comfortable and snuggly for winter. It naturally wicks, keeping moisture away from the skin, making it a great neck warmer for being out of doors.


Cowls are just a fabulous accessory, comfortable to wear and can liven up a plain sweater or can be worn instead of a scarf.


Matching Accessories.


Custom orders taken for this item, ask about the other colours available.


Please also note that colours vary from monitor to monitor, allowances for this needs to be made.

Women's Cowl. Scottish lambswool Snood. Teal Unisex Scarf.

  • Approximately: 18cm deep x 72cm circumference.

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