Autumn, a time for cosy knits


"Come little leaves", said the wind one day . "Come over the meadows with me and play;

Put on your dresses of red and gold, For summer as gone and the days grow cold."



Dry Yellow Leaf
Dry Leaf

Stylish women's knitwear

Originally designed and made in Scotland, now made in France. 

Each piece is designed and individually crafted by me in my workshop using the finest of yarns

Tricots élégants pour femmes 

Originellement conçu et fabriqué en Ecosse, maintenant fabriqué en France

Chaque pièce est conçue et fabriquée individuellement par moi dans mon atelier en utilisant les fils les plus fins. 

The visual world of Elizabeth Larsen Knitwear on Instagram

Le monde visuel d'Elizabeth Larsen Knitwear sur Instagram 

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