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The benefits of layering

Layering season is here!

I do love this time of year, the changing landscape creates an abundance of colours and tones. It's also that time of year when it can be warm one minute and cold the next, brrr. We can also get the odd flurry of snow in the mountains...

Loch Torridon

Living in the Highlands of Scotland you appreciate the benefits of layering clothes. Layering clothes can create a chic look, and it's so practical too! If you're a woman of a certain age, you will appreciate the benefits of layering. It's a great way to regulate a fluctuating temperature, and wearing natural fibres will also help with temperature regulation.

Highland Knitted Slouch Coat and Accessories

Merino being one of the best (in my humble opinion) natural fibres. Great for all year round, merino is one of my favourite yarns. Why do I love merino wool? well, it's light and airy, merino wool is a beautiful natural fibre, soft to the skin and it breathes naturally. Merino wool reacts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, the perfect fibre. Silk is another great yarn, silk is just luxury in a word and so comfortable to wear. It’s also one of the strongest natural fibres and lightweight, breathable and hypoallergenic.

Cute merino sheep grazing

Back to layering, don't be daunted, it's pretty straight forward. Choose the right inner layers, comfy t-shirt or a shirt, anything that makes a great base layer and your comfortable wearing. Add outer layers, layers that can be added and removed easily (ponchos are my favourite for this). Don't forget the idea of layering is that you should be comfortable and able to adapt to various temperatures.

Torridon Collection Wool Women's Poncho and Accessories

Use approximately three coordinating colours unless you confident with your colours, then just go for it. Keeping you colour palette cohesive will help to achieve a stylish look. I like to work with contrasts (you may have noticed this with my knitwear). If you're wearing different patterns be careful that they compliment rather than fight each other (but, I have seen women wearing clashing outfits so well), dividing a layer with a block colour will help with the use of strong patterned clothing. One last tip, wear inner and base layers that hug the body, to stop too much bulk. One of the benefits of layering (for me) is that it helps to hide those lumps and bumps that most of us are conscious of. Oh, and don't forget to choose items of clothes that are different lengths, that will help to create a complete look.

Cohesive colours for layering

Go on, give it a go, enjoy the benefits of layering!

Jan x

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