A magical imagination has no boundaries. That’s how artist Jill Holmes loves to work. From a small glimmer of an idea to a final piece of artwork is her passion and a journey she's always excited by.


Her pewter brooches are unique pieces of wearable Art. The shape is drawn in a free form way directly onto wood before it is cut. No templates are used which is quite refreshing and adds to the exclusivity of the final piece.


The design on the pewter is drawn by hand using traditional drawing tools and worked both sides to give it its distinctive 3 dimensional appearance. It is not pressed or stamped. No design is replicated as the shape & size of pewter she begins with guides her with the design, this is such a special way of working as the image flows to suit the final piece.


Some brooches lend themselves to just a light colouring with a special black patina, these pieces can reflect colours of the wearers garments.


Jill's other collection can be combinations of applying jewelled gilding waxes and metal leaf (similar to gold leaf) to create a range of colours and depth to each brooch. From her initial gem of an idea to the final varnish Jill is so proud that she has created a beautiful brooch which she handmade from start to finish.


Comes in a gift box


Wearable art 'One off" brooch - Jill Holmes Artist

SKU: pewter
  • 4.2cm widest point x longest point 13.5cm

  • wood, pewter, metal leaf

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