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Feminine bridal wrap, beautifully delicate and super fine so that it drapes wonderfully. Knitted in a luxury merino wool and mixed with a silver metallic yarn to give a lovely shimmer when the light catches it. Long enough to be worn lots of different ways. It's lightweight and suitable any time of the year. 


Merino wool is one of my favourite yarns. Light and airy, merino wool is a beautiful natural fibre, soft to the skin and breathes naturally. The beauty of merino wool is that it reacts to your body temperature, keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, the perfect fibre.





Bridal merino wrap / pashmina / stole / shawl / cover up silver and white

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  • 100% merino wool and a contrast metallic yarn (87% acetate 7% polyester 6% nylon)

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